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Helping you bring your family members to live in Canada Permanently through family sponsorship programs including –

Spousal sponsorship (including same-sex spousal sponsorship), Common-law sponsorship, parent/grandparent sponsorship, child sponsorship.
Work with professionals to save time, create a strong application, and give your best shot for sponsoring your loved ones.

Categories for Family Reunification in Canada

Canadians can sponsor their certain family members and relatives to become permanent residents of Canada. This is a pathway to immigrate to Canada with the primary goal – family reunification.

Spousal Sponsorship The Dependent Child Sponsorship Program Parent And Grandparent Program (PGP)

Under this program, a spouse or common-law partner may be sponsored by a Canadian citizen or permanent resident. The sponsored person gains permanent residence in Canada after successful results.

To receive a visa through this program, sponsor and to be sponsored person must prove that their relationship falls under one of the three following categories: Spouse, Common-law Partner or Conjugal Partner.

Please note - Canada recognises same-sex marriages. Same-sex couples may be able to apply under any of the above three categories.

Under the Child Sponsorship Program, the sponsor (Canadian Citizen/Permanent resident) can sponsor a dependent child, natural or adopted to become permanent residents in Canada and live with their parent(s).

To receive a Visa through this program, both parties must prove that their relationship to one another. If a sponsor’s adoption process is almost done, the child’s sponsorship may be started before the adoption has been finalized.

To sponsor Parents and Grandparents, Canadian citizens/permanent residents are first required to complete an online form on the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) website in order to register an interest in bringing their parent(s) or grandparent(s) to Canada.

Please note - Submitting an Interest to Sponsor form is not an application, but the first step for this program. Candidates who are invited to apply have 60 days from the date of invitation to submit a complete application and all the supporting documents.

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Canada uses the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) candidates who want to immigrate to Canada
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